Jumbo Magic Vac V702PKI External Vacuum Sealer | Vacuum Machine.




Jumbo Magic Vac V702PKI

  • Jumbo Magic Vac V702PKI | External Vacuum Packing Machine | Vacuum Sealer.

    Vacuum Sealing increases the shelf life of raw or cooked food, with no loss of weight.
    Designed for packaging of raw or cured food.

    For packaging products that are going to be cooked via Sous vide cooking.

    Extremely accurate, precise and consistent results every time.


    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Pump flow rate: 31.5L/min
    • Bar length: 40cm
    • Total loading: 380 W
    • Vacuum pressure (approx): 0.85 bar 
    • Electrical supply: 230 V / 50-60 Hz / 1 ~ 10Amp Plug.
    • External dimensions (WxDxH)

        Width: 540 mm - Depth: 315 mm - Height: 170 mm

    • Net weight: 12.4 Kg


    - Powerful air extraction using a self lubricating double pump. 

    - Suitable for heavy duty use.

    - Patented lock & unlock system.

    -  Impermeable keyboard with multifunction soft Touch controls.

    -  Vacuum value analogue indicator.

    -  Accessory socket (for containers, stopper, etc.)

    -  Switch with socket for detachable power cord.

    -  Extra large ‘guaranteed hold’ seal.

    -  Sealing bar with cooling system for intensive use.

    -  Pull out washable condensate tray.

    -  Powdered foods (e.g. our, coffee, sugar) safe-pump filter.

    -  Oversize rubber feet.