Norris AP500 Fast Response Dishwasher | Underbench Dishwasher.


Norris AP500 Dishwasher - Fast Response

SKU: NDW-AP500-90200
  • Norris AP500 Dishwasher | Underbench Dishwasher.

    The AP500 is a compact under bench dishwasher suited for cafes and restaurants that will handle up to 30cm plates. Standard Pump out drain. Connects to cold water and is always ready, no waiting once machine is at operating temperature. The AP500 will produce a sparkling wash, time after time. With built-in detergent and rinse aid injectors.


    • Warranty: 2 year. (5 years on control board)
    • Loads Per Hour : up to 45*
    • Litres Per Cycle : 2.5L*
    • Time Cycle : 60/120/300 Sec
    • Wash Pump : 372W
    • Rinse Pump : Mains Pressure. 
    • Detergent Injection : Yes.
    • Rinse Aid Injection : Yes.
    • Drain Pump : Yes.
    • Rinse Tank Capacity: 6 Litre
    • Electrical Supply : 240V / 50Hz / 15Amps.
    • Usable Wash Height : 300mm
    • External Dimensions : W595mm X D660mm X H810 - 838mm adjustable

    *Subject to incoming water pressure and water temperatures.


    • Warranty – Five years on the control board, two years on parts and labour. 

    • Compact underbench dishwasher. 

    • Made tough in NSW.

    – Robust 304 Stainless steel hand made cabinet.

    – Heating Boiler made from Stainless steel 316.

    – Stainless steel wash and rinse arms. 

    – Large 304 Stainless Steel Filters / Scrap Trays.
    • Connects to cold water and is always ready, no waiting (once machine is at operating temperature).
    • Reliable German electrical contactors.
    • Reliable European heating elements made from the Incoloy® 825, highly resistant to corrosion and cracking so the elements last longer.

    • Cleans up to 600 plates per hour*
    • 60/120/300sec wash cycle options.
    • Automatic detergent and rinse aid injection for consistent results and controlled consumption.
    • Rapid boiler recovery for a faster turn around.
    • Fit standard with a drain pump allowing easy installation.

    • Rinse temperature accurately controlled by the thermostop function.
    • Rear rollers for easy inspection and cleaning.

    • Double skinned door reducing heat and noise pollution.

    • High grade stainless steel welded cabinet, wash arms and scrap trays for durability.
    • Australian made.

  • 1 x Flat rack insert.

    1 x Plate rack insert.

    1 x Cutlery container round.

    1 x Braided hose.

    1 x Operating manual.