Norris AP750 Pass Through Dishwasher - Fast Response.



Norris AP750 Dishwasher - Fast Response

SKU: NDW-AP750-90100
  • Norris AP750 Pass Through Dishwasher - Fast Response.

    The AP750 is a high-performance ergonomic pass through dishwasher. The AP750 will move even the hardest baked on food residue, reducing the need for double washing.


    • Warranty: 2 year. (5 years on control board)
    • Loads Per Hour : up to 45*
    • Litres Per Cycle : 2.5L*
    • Time Cycle : 60/90/120 Sec
    • Wash Pump : 880W
    • Rinse Pump : Mains Pressure. 
    • Detergent Injection : Yes.
    • Rinse Aid Injection : Yes.
    • Drain Pump : Yes.
    • Rinse Tank Capacity: 6 Litre.
    • Electrical Supply : 240/415V / 50Hz / 3phase, 20Amps per phase.
    • Usable Wash Height : 300mm
    • External Dimensions : W640mm X D635mm X H1516mm 

    *Subject to incoming water temperatures.


    • Warranty – Five years on the control board, two years on parts and labour. 

    • High Performance, Fast Response Pass Through Dishwasher. 

    • Made tough in Australia.

    – Robust 304 Stainless steel hand made cabinet.

    – Heating Boiler made from Stainless steel 316.

    – Stainless steel wash and rinse arms. 

    – Large 304 Stainless Steel Filters / Scrap Trays.
    • Connects to cold water and is always ready, no waiting (once machine is at operating temperature).
    • Robust 880w German wash pump.

    • Reliable German electrical contactors.

    • Reliable European heating elements made from the Incoloy® 825, highly resistant to corrosion and cracking so the elements last longer.

    • Ergonomic pass through dishwasher.

    • Recirculating wash system.

    • Cleans up to 1080 plates per hour.

    • 60/90/120sec, manual and descale cycle options.

    • Three phase power connection.

    • Automatic detergent and rinse aid injection.

    • Hood safety cut out switch.

    • Rinse temperature controlled by thermostop function for sanitation compliance.

    • Large useable wash height 470mm.

    • Standard drain pump for easy installation.

    • Easy servicing access for minimal disruption.

    • Optional steam condenser available for this model.
    • Australian made.

  • 2 x 500mm X 500mm plate rack.

    1 x 500mm X 500mm cup rack.

    1 x Cutlery container round.
    1 x Water connection hose.

    1 x Operating manual.