Sammic X-41B DD Commercial Glasswasher & Installation Package




Sammic X-41B DD Glasswasher & Installation Pack

  • Sammic X-41B DD Commercial Glasswasher.

    European technology and manufactured from catering grade AISI 304 2B stainless steel, incorporating top quality components and with a high build quality, suited for Australian bars, cafes, breweries and cellar doors. 


    • Warranty : 1 year. 
    • Time Cycle : 120 / 180 / 130 Sec
    • Wash Pump : 240W
    • Rinse Pressure Pump : No - Main Pressure.
    • Detergent Injection : Yes
    • Rinse Aid Injection : Yes
    • Drain Pump : Yes
    • Element Rinse : Yes
    • Element Wash : Yes
    • Electrical Supply : 230V / 2740W / 50Hz / 15A Plug.
    • Usable Wash Height : 280mm
    • External Dimensions : W470mm X D535mm X H710mm.

    *Dependant on incoming water temperature and pressure.


    • Comes complete with Drain Pump, Detergent & Rinse aid dosing equipment, Filter Set, Flat Basket, Plate Basket and Cutlery Basket.
    • Commercial glass washer with a loading height of up to 280mm. Perfect for washing glasses, cups, cutlery and small plates. It has 3 wash cycles with final cold rinse.
    • Cold or hot rinse option available at the touch of a button.
    • Adjustable wash tank and boiler temperature.
    • Precision water jets guarantee optimum washing results.
    • Removable stainless steel rack holders.
    • Completely rounded, stainless steel wire rack support and guide.
    • Manufactured from catering grade AISI 304 2B stainless steel.
    • The inside of the machine features rounded corners, avoiding dirt accumulation.